Iowa Peak Oil

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DISCLAIMER: This page is intended as a resource for our members.  Not all of the information presented here is original material - when they have been taken from another source, a link is provided at the end of the article.

Alternatives: Construction Techniques

Alternatives: Low-Tech Household Alternatives

Butchering: Chickens

Canning: Boiling Water Bath

Family: Child Rearing

Family: Compulsory Schooling

Family: Four Steps to Restoring the Culture - from Stephen LaTulippe

Household Tips

Pest Control: Rodents

Preparedness: 100 Things that Disappear First in a Disaster

Preparedness: Are You Ready For A Disaster?

Preparedness: Be Ready In 20 Steps

Preparedness: Emercency Childbirth

Preparedness: Food Storage

Preparedness: Hiding Valuables

Preparedness: How to Survive the Crash & Save the Earth

Preparedness: Martial Law

Preparedness: Martial Law

Preparedness: Preparing for the Future

Preparedness: Stages of Peak Oil Awareness

Preparedness: Survival on the Cheap

Preparedness: The Pocket Kit


Re-Localizaton: Rules for a Local Economy

Self-Sufficiency: Emergency Grain Mill

Self-Sufficiency: Hand Pump

Self-Sufficiency: Heating, Cooking & Lighting

Self-Sufficiency: Hobo Stove

Self-Sufficiency: Home Fire Safety

Self-Sufficiency: Homesteading For Six

Self-Sufficiency: How To Build An Underground Shelter

Self-Sufficiency: Lighting With Kerosene

Self-Sufficiency: Outdoor Oven

Self-Sufficiency: Passive Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration

Soap: Making Soap

Soap: Renderings & Drippings

Tools: Rules for New Tools - from Wendell Berry

Tools: Sharpening

Tools: How To Sharpen An Ax - from Greg Stephens