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Peak Oil

Life After the Oil Crash

Our favorite peak oil site with an active "breaking news" link.

A little gloomy, but we have the unpleasant suspicion that they're more right than wrong.

Energy Bulletin

Very good source of information.

The Oil Drum

Beyond Oil



The Daily Reckoning

Richard Heinberg

Surviving Peak Oil

From The Wilderness

The Wolf At The Door

Peak Oil Scenarios

James Howard Kunstler

Culture Change

Survival Acres (blog)


The Society of Primitive Technology

Backwoods Home Magazine

Countryside Magazine


Transition Culture



Murray McMurray Hatchery

Poultry by mail.


The best source for non-electric tools and equipment that we have found.

James Townsend & Sons

This site is primarily for re-enactors (18th and 19th century) but is has a lot of useful tools and equipment.

Panther Primitives

Same as for James Townsend and Sons.

Seeds & Gardening

Pinetree Garden Seeds

You can order old and open-pollinated varieties in small quantities.

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply

Bountiful Gardens

Metals & Bullion

Northwest Territorial Mint

This site looks good, but it is the only business listed with whom none of us has actually done business.

Christopher's Rare Coins

They are located in Des Moines and sell bullion.

National Animal Identification System

Stop Animal ID

Liberty Ark Coalition